The ultimate war for japan

Well the Japanese goverment is really sending some powers against the SSCS this year.

Do you think they will be able to do something?

Maybe yes – this is going to be the fearest battle ever of Whale Wars you have ever seen.

We hope that no on will get injured and all will be covered by a ship or something that will help them in their mission.

Australia refuses to give help to the sea shepherd members.

So they are on their own – Japan on the other side has used money from the recovery found to send an army of protectors to their ships.

Is the whaling really so important for japan?

Until when we are going to let money to rule our planet?

Why the whales have to die for a “RESEARCH”

What kind of research kills 1000 whales every ear.

“In order to measure  the healthy population of whales we have to kill some” – why don’t you kill your mother to check how healthy is she?
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This is non-sese!